Happy New Year!

Happy 2023! A new year means it’s time to renew your Flamenco de la Isla membership!  Check out the membership page for all the details!… Read More »Happy New Year!

Happy International Flamenco Day!

Happy International Flamenco Day! On November 16, 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  How will you celebrate? https://youtu.be/jF6o0_tg_-8

Victoria Flamenco Festival Photos

The 2022 Victoria Flamenco Festival was a huge success!  Check out photos from some of the in-person and online events.


Time to enjoy Feria in Sevilla!

Happy New Year!

Flamenco de la Isla wishes you the very best in 2022!  We are looking forward to sharing another year of flamenco with you!  Please remember… Read More »Happy New Year!