Zambombas – Christmas in Jerez

Zambombas are like flamenco Christmas parties celebrated in Spain. People gather to share food, dancing, and villancicos (Spanish Christmas carols). Everyone takes part and has a great time!
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Bring Chocolate – a holiday puzzle

Spanish dancers bring chocolate in the holiday story of the Nutcracker. [Read more...]

Spanish Spiced Almonds

Here is a crunchy snack for the holidays or for tasty tapas anytime.
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Tickets for Flamenco Hoy

“Flamenco Hoy” is coming up this weekend! Please note that ticket sales at Ivy’s Bookshop, Larsen Music School and on Paypal will close at noon on Saturday for both shows, but tickets will still be available at the door. [Read more...]

Flamenco Hoy

We are hosting two performances by the Alma de España Dance Company in “Flamenco Hoy” at a new and exciting venue! [Read more...]